XPath expressions with a SAX parser

Nik Clayton nik at ngo.org.uk
Wed Mar 14 16:41:15 GMT 2007

dakkar wrote:
> Nik Clayton wrote:
>> I'm trying to do is retrieve a (small) subset of elements from an XML
>> document (that may be very large).  XML::XPath works when the document
>> is small, but fails to scale when the document is very large (even if
>> the subset of elements I'm trying to retrieve is a fairly constant size).
> XML::Twig. Really, try it. mirod wrote it exactly to handle very large
> documents, and to use XPath expressions on them.

Thanks for the pointer.  It's a bit weird that the preferred approach to 
halting a parse when all the necessary data has been retrieved is 
die-wrapped-in-eval, but I can live with that.


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