SOAP::Lite leaking memory

Gareth Harper gareth at
Thu Mar 15 11:01:32 GMT 2007

I have a fairly simple script, which creates a new SOAP::Lite object (2 
actually, but thats not important), sends 3 calls (login, dosomething, 
logout), and then SOAP::Lite object goes out of scope and "should" be 
destroyed.  I was running some soak tests on this last night (repeated 
calls) and was getting some relatively large memory leaks (the script 
started off at about 20Mb, and rose to around 100Mb after about 30 
minutes with a 1 second sleep between).

After poking about with Devel:;Symdump and Devel::Leak I'm fairly 
confident that it is definately SOAP::Lite leaking the memory from 
somewhere but before I start delving into the depths of SOAP::Lite I 
wondered if anyone had come across this before and had managed to 
fix/workaround it (in a worst case scenario I can always fork off the 
SOAP::Lite process but I'd really rather not do that).


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