Laptop insurance

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Tue Mar 20 09:44:42 GMT 2007

Robert Shiels wrote:

> Have you got household contents insurance - you might find items are 
> covered away from the home on that policy, or may be able to extend it. 
> But then, if you're not coming back, perhaps you don't have a house :)

IANA(L / Insurance expert) but I would be concerned about relying on 
household insurance.  They may say they cover a laptop (mine does) but 
there might be something in the small or unwritten print that they only 
cover normal usage out of the house - eg normal length annual holidays 
and Toby's trip sounds a little longer than that.

Perhaps this is more of a general rant that there can be hidden terms in 
insurance that only come to light when you try to claim by which time it 
is too late and you are stressed.

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