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David Alban extasia at
Wed Mar 21 14:33:46 GMT 2007

If you're a cygwin user and you're thinking about vista, you might
consider whether cygwin will run on it. says:

    The Cygwin DLL currently works with all recent, commercially
    released x86 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows, with the
    exception of Windows CE.

But I don't have a vista machine, so I don't know whether this was
written before vista was released.

If you're not a cygwin user, but like unix, be aware of how much
better cygwin can make a unix user's life on a windows machine.

On 3/21/07, Andy Armstrong <andy at> wrote:
> So I'm in the disagreeable position of having to buy a Windows
> laptop. Something with a decent keyboard and a 15"ish screen. Doesn't
> have to be particularly fast. Oh and XP rather than Vista I think.
> There are limits.
> Any recommendations? I'm currently hovering over the checkout button
> on a Dell Inspiron 6400.

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