Windows laptops

John Costello cos at
Wed Mar 21 17:27:34 GMT 2007

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh what have you said?

Evil, wicked, tempting things.
> Anyone know what the pricing's like in the Apple Education store?  
> Therese is a lecturer so she should be able to wangle that. Of course  
> I can't see the Ed store from this IP address.

UK755.50 per 

for a MacBook Core 2 Duo, though that was last year and the prices appear 
to have dropped.  The high-end MB now is US1399 / ~UK714 (plus tax, 
shipping, etc.).

Looking at the education store, the low-end MBP is US$1799 / ~UK918 (+
tax, shipping).

Hm, that looks fairly tempting.  My 7-year old Linux system is starting to 
show its age.

Too bad I don't know someone in education in Oregon State, which has no 
sales tax*.

* One reason to go to OSCON

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