Intermediate Perl Monger coming back to London

Stefan Scheytt stefan.scheytt at
Fri Mar 30 13:32:17 BST 2007

Hello Jon,

> "Intermediate Perl Monger"
> Does this mean you can only handle five or six pints of fine ale?

ROFL.. To be honest, I'm not a big drinker so I'd probably throw an
exception at four pints already! :)

As I'm also a motorcycle fanatic and I don't believe in driving while
intoxicated, I'm more of a drink coffee 24 hours a day kind of bloke. If we
ever get into a macho drinking contest with shots of espresso, I'm sure I'll
still be laughing when most of this list is on the ground with heart tremors
and/or spazzing uncontrollably :) Bar Italia, Soho, Game On.. hehe.

Ale-wise, we can do some stress testing at one of the upcoming socials (if I
come on the tube).. some great fun to be had at my expense, for sure. :D

For the record: I'm German, but please don't hold that against me...

  - Stefan

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