Paid-for OpenGuides work

Kake L Pugh kake at
Tue Apr 3 13:53:51 BST 2007

Hello.  I think most of you already know about OpenGuides, although
we've not pimped it here recently.  It's basically a wiki-based
application for running a website about things where geographical
location is important.  Unlike most wikis, it uses structured data,
and it speaks RDF.  It's available on CPAN, and there's a list of
installations at

A chap in New York is looking for someone to build him a system based
on OpenGuides; he'd prefer someone local (so if you're local to him,
it would be cool if you could pass this on to a local mailing list)
but someone in another country would be OK too.

So if you've vaguely considered working on OpenGuides in the past,
this might be your chance to do it and get paid for it!

Here's the spec:


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