[ANNOUNCE] April Social meet - this Thursday 5th of April at The Windmill

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Tue Apr 3 16:23:16 BST 2007

I think it is important to note that Friday 6 and Monday 9 April are
both bank holidays:


As such whatever happens Thursday night you have four clear days to
recover. Consider the glove thrown.


On 03/04/07, Simon Wistow <simon at thegestalt.org> wrote:
> So, after all that the Citie of Yorke couldn't come through for us and
> The Windmill did. With no charge. Hurrah. Apparently tipping well does
> pay off. Which is nice because I like the Windmill and they do really
> nice pies. Mmm. Pie.
>     http://london.pm.org/meetings/locations/windmill.html
>     http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=529001&Y=180921&A=Y&Z=1
>         http://london.openguides.org/index.cgi?Windmill,_W1S_2AT
> I'll be there from 6 wearing a tshirt that says "Don't be shocked that
> I've turned up for more than two meetings in a row" looking as cheerful
> as a man who's return from 3 months in the colonies and is rediscovering
> the joys of real ale.
> As always, if it's your first time at a meeting please come and find me
> and I can indulge you in our tradition of buying first-timers a drink
> and maybe introduce you to people. Just because we're nice. Awwww.
> Now the standard blurb ...
>   Social meetings are a chance for people to meet up face to face for a
>   quiet drink (alcoholic or not) A fair chunk of Perl is talked at the
>   meetings, but also people who have no interest in the language often
>   pop along to socialise.  There's no charge to enter, no agenda, and we
>   tend to think of it more as pleasant drinks rather than any serious
>   endeavour.
>   People normally turn up after work, and many stay until closing time.
>   Food is normally consumed at the pub by those wanting nourishment
>   though sometimes small groups of people head off for food either
>   during or after the meeting.
> Directions from Oxford Circus
>   Walk south out of the tube station onto Regent Street (not onto Oxford
>   Street and directly away from the church). After about 200m, turn
>   right down Conduit Street (roughly opposite Hamley's) and then turn
>   right again down a smaller road called Mill Street, where you'll find
>   the pub. Directions from Piccadilly Circus
>   Come out of the station and head north up Regent Street. After about
>   500m turn left onto Conduit Street (which is approximately opposite
>   Hamley's.) After this turn right onto a smaller road called Mill
>   Street, where you'll find the pub.
> Directions from Green Park
>   Turn east (left) out of the station, and walk for about two hundred
>   meters. Shortly before the Royal Academy of Arts, on your left will be
>   Old Bond Street. Walk up here about 300 meters till you'll get to
>   Conduit Street on your right. Walk down here, and take the second left
>   down a smaller road called Mill Street, where you'll find the pub.
>   Directions from Bond Street
>   Turn east (right) out of the station. After about a hundred meters you
>   should come to New Bond Street on your right. Walk down here for about
>   400m, and then turn left onto Conduit Street shortly after Sotherby's.
>   The second left is Mill Street, where you will find the pub.
> Simon

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