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Wed Apr 4 12:44:44 BST 2007

On 04/04/07, Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at> wrote:
> > The clue being "they finally noticed". They wouldn't - they really
> > wouldn't.
> You know, that's not terribly reassuring.  When I apply for "Indefinite
> Leave to Remain" in about three years, I don't want to find out then
> that I'm an illegal.

That's a very good reason to get friendly with your local MP ;)

You'd be surprised how many MPs (accross parties, although none of the
usual toadies) will stick up for local immigrants when the home-office
screws them over, which they do, on a regular basis.

The problem is if you're honest and don't try and game the system then
the moment you're flagged for any minor problem they come down like a
ton of bricks because their performance is so piss poor and they need
to make their quotas.

I kid you not, we've had hard working local families, supported by
their local community sent abroad after decades entirely unreasonably
with the home office/immigration bending and/or playing fast and loose
with the law, while some really bad apples (of whom I know at least a
couple) can break the law with impunity and game the system (breaking
up families, blackmailing and pressuring vulnerable girls to marry
them and have children, breaking employment law, dodging tax, faking
id, going on the run, appealing countless times, lying and stealing)
with near impunity, eventually getting leave to remain, and leaving a
broke single mum to pick up the pieces.


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