Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Apr 5 16:03:24 BST 2007

On 5 Apr 2007, at 15:38, David Cantrell wrote:
> prints entries for foo151 through to foo200.
> What the fuck?

Mustn't like deleting while it's got a cursor active.


     File `visiting' is based on a `hash table'. gdbm_delete re-arranges
     the hash table to make sure that any collisions in the table do not
     leave some item `un-findable'. The original key order is NOT  
     teed to remain unchanged in ALL instances. It is possible that some
     key will not be visited if a loop like the following is executed:

       key = gdbm_firstkey ( dbf );
       while ( key.dptr ) {
          nextkey = gdbm_nextkey ( dbf, key );
          if ( some condition ) {
             gdbm_delete ( dbf, key );
             free ( key.dptr );
          key = nextkey;

Seems a bit surprising that it misses /all/ of them - but I guess  
it's not a good idea to iterate and modify at the same time.

Andy Armstrong,

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