heretical dim sum cat herding

Nicholas Clark nick at
Tue Apr 10 19:11:17 BST 2007

The consensus on the IRC channel is that this Friday lunchtime might be quite
good for Dim Sum

The lack of consensus is on where to go. I think it's fair to summarise

New World:
+ Convenient location near TCR
+ Trolleys make for convenient ordering
- Food OK

Royal China:

+ Food much better
- Not convenient location. (The restaurant near Queensway has been tried, the
  one near Baker Street has not, and even Baker Street is less than central,
  which is key for a "1 hour" lunchbreak. For some value of 1 nearer to 2)

Ping Pong has also been suggested, but I'm nervy that something which is also
a cocktail bar might have cocktail bar prices, even if only on the drinks

So what do people think?

Bonus points if you were actually intending to turn up and say so.

Nicholas Clark

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