Silly Routes Re: [ANNOUNCE]: Hackathon Toronto Sat Apr 28

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Thu Apr 12 07:15:51 BST 2007

Chris Devers wrote:

> My favorite is trying to plan routes around the Boston Harbor Islands:

The classic misroute I have come across - I wanted to go from East 
Dulwich to Leatherhead via Waterloo. I asked Deutsche Bahn (this is pre 
National Rail site).

   East Dulwich -> London Bridge -> Waterloo East ->
   Waterloo International -> Brussels -> Waterloo (in Belgium)
   back same way to Waterloo and eventually to Leatherhead.

National Rail once gave me times of a trains roughly like

   A->B  leaves 14:00 and 14:30 , arrives at 14:30 and 15:00
   A->C->B leaves 14:01, wait at C for half hour and arrive B at 14:59
In the unlikely event you get there between 14:00 and 01 you save one 
minute. Woohoo

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