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Tue Apr 24 13:41:58 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Is anyone here still active on Advogato? I recognise a few names on 
> the Perl project:
> but most of them don't seem to have visited in years.
> I'm just looking for someone who can give me some certification so I 
> can reply to posts - karma whoring I guess :)

Having just looked at the post about mentifex I wouldn't bother getting 
certification. It is quite clear that some people are somewhat less than 
discriminating in who they give certs to and don't seem to care 
(salmoni's post seems to indicate this) that it is broken. Mentifex is a 
troll and has always been and he is not open source / free software. 
salmoni couldn't be bothered to find this out and just gives him a free 
pass. Problem is mentifex has been misleading people who are interested 
in AI and wasting their time and ultimately putting them off. Just 
imagine having Steve Balmer explain how the GPL works to people new to 
programming, now you have an idea of how mentifex promotes AI.

That being said with their low standards you should get in. Why would 
you want to?

ps. mentifex still gets my back up after all these years :(

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