Kake L Pugh kake at
Thu Apr 26 13:51:16 BST 2007

Hello.  I can't remember who pointed me at this (Mark or Bob, I think), but
it's very cool:

It's a distributed way of getting screenshots of your website in various
browsers.  Anyway, I'm not posting it here so much to say you should all go
and use it, since I know lots of you hate webwork anyway, but because I
thought maybe some of you might be able to help them out.

In order to get these screenshots, they need computers to take them.  They
have software to do this automatically - all you need is a computer running
the appropriate browser/OS combination, and the bandwidth to upload the
results.  More info here:

The more people they have creating screenshots, the faster my screenshot
requests move up the queue, and the happier I am.  Make Kake happy today!


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