[ANNOUNCE] May Social Meeting on 3rd of May - The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Sat Apr 28 20:00:08 BST 2007

It's that time of the month again for the heady social whirl that is The 
Social Meeting[tm]. This month we're back at the Cittie of Yorke which 
my records show me we haven't been to since November 2005 (although I'm 
convinced we've been back since then).

The Cittie of Yorke is situated on High Holborn.


and is a Sam Smiths pub so the drinks are cheap and the sausage platter 
is muy tasty,

Social meets are a chance for the various members of the group to meet 
up face to face and chat with each other about things - both Perl and 
non Perl - and newcomers are more than welcome The monthly meets tend to 
be bigger than the other ad hoc meetings that take place at other times 
and we make sure that they're in easy to get to locations and the pub 
serves food (meaning that people can eat in the bar if they want to.)  
They normally start around 6.30pm (or whenever people get there after 
work) and a group tends to be left come closing time.

If you're a new comer or other first timer (even if you've been lurking 
on the mailing list or on IRC) then please seek me out - we have a 
traditionthat the leader of this motley crew buys the new people a drink 
(alcoholic or not, either's fine)  and introduce them to people.


Directions: The pub is really easy to find...

 From Holborn Station: (Central & Piccadilly 38/19 Bus)
  You need to walk east down the north side of Holborn, and the pub
  will be on your left.

  Holborn station is on the corner of Kingsway and Holborn.  When you
  come out of the station, turn right down Holborn and walk east.
  There's a pelican crossing by the Penderal's Oak.  Cross the road so
  you're on the north hand side, turn right and continue east.  The pub
  will be on your left.

 From Chancery Lane (Central Line):
  You need to get on the north side of Holborn and walk west, and the
  pub will be on your right.

We'll be in the cellar bar.

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