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Andrew Smith asmith at
Mon Apr 30 11:56:09 BST 2007

Hi Nic

I've been trying to hone up recently on every aspect of my Perl 
knowledge.  At the end of the day I've found the docs supplied with the 
distribution actually contain everything required. For extra examples  
and tutorials, Google is a good source.   The Perl Desktop Reference 
from O'Reilly is quite handy for browsing revision  whilst waiting on a 
train or bus, as its small size fits into most pockets.
Andrew in Edinburgh

Nic Gibson wrote:
> Gentlemen
> I seem to have managed to start teaching perl for Learning Tree.  Now, 
> I'm looking at the stack of books I'm taking into the Intro to Perl 
> course and wondering if I should take any others. This is a course 
> that is ostensibly for people who know how to program but don't know 
> perl. Now, the last course I taught actually had 7 people with 
> extensive sysadmin experience but no programming background.
> So, I'm wondering what other folks might consider essential perl 
> books. I've got this lot in the pile right now:
>     Programming Perl
>     Perl Cookbook
>     Mastering Regular Expressions
>     Perl Best Practices
> and I throw in a mod_perl book as well.
> The course covers up to (but not really including) object orientation 
> so I haven't bothered with anything really OO based. It also doesn't 
> cover DBI although I gave a DBI example last time because a student 
> asked.
> Does anyone have any other book suggestions?
> cheers
> nic
> --Virus scanned by Lumison.

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