[OT] perl and CLRs

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at semantico.com
Wed May 2 11:18:53 BST 2007

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Strangely, people do write stuff without using (much) on CPAN. Also 
> the things that break would be stuff written in C, not the pure-perl 
> code. Mono runs, or could be made to run (with advantage) on all the 
> hardware that perl runs on. And it is a myth that the whole of CPAN 
> runs on all the platforms that perl itself does.

But for a lot of people CPAN is very important, CPAN wouldn't have got 
to be what it is if people were not interested in CPAN.

>>> But it *is* the way the world is going and it does leverage work 
>>> done elsewhere.
>> If you are just interested in following the herd then become a J2EE 
>> developer, oops that is another direction that the world seems to be 
>> going in. Lets enumerate:
>> * cperl (as is)
>> * Parrot
>> * .NET
>> * JVM
>> There are much more compelling reasons to get Perl on the JVM than on 
>> .NET
> Such as? Speed? Coverage?
JVM is fast and is going to get faster yet, it also runs places that 
.NET does not run. Java and my mind set does not quite gel but lets be 
honest here Java is a perfectly good choice as a programming language. 
Oh yes you can also get code coverage from the JVM. The JVM is out 
there, installed on more machines than .NET is, this makes porting to 
the JVM a perfectly valid proposition. The fact that python and ruby 
have both been ported to it shows that it is not only possible but 

>>> Do we *really* want to continue to hold our noses in the air?
>> You are mistaking indifference with contempt. I couldn't give a toss 
>> about .NET and I have no interest in what David Beckham is up to this 
>> week either.
> Precisely the sort of attitude that worries me. Perl is *soooooooo* 
> much better than everything else (which may well be true) so that is 
> all there is to said. That's all right then.

Please keep your mindless bigotry to yourself. Just because I don't 
think that .NET is anything special does not mean that I have that "sort 
of attitude".

Fuck off.

Peter Hickman.

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