Anyone know about eyes?

John Costello cos at
Wed May 2 21:03:56 BST 2007

On Wed, 2 May 2007, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I'm not sure if he thought I was lying. Actually I think he was  
> thinking "this guy's 43, stares at a computer all the time he's  
> awake, doesn't wear specs, can read to the bottom row of the chart -  
> WTF is he complaining about?"

Did he mention anything about your retinas stiffening after age 40?  (I 
think it was retinas.  Might be corneas.)  My optometrist was displeased 
to learn that my previous optician had proscribed both computer and 
driving glasses (yay for formerly excellent corporate eye coverage).  He 
explained that the eye stiffens after 40, and that having two types of 
glasses (near, far) or bifocals can cause damage to eyes under 40.

His was the best explanation that I've gotten about my eyes, which are 
starting to degenerate a bit. 

The deal about optometrists in the U.S. is that most of them are 
affiliated with an eyeglass shop, or own it, and are trying to get you to 
buy glasses once a year.  I was surprised by my current optometrist's 

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