Pub density of Portland

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at
Thu May 3 18:08:45 BST 2007

# from Ovid
# on Thursday 03 May 2007 08:38 am:

>--- amayer at wrote:
>> Didn't go the way of short-ish talks with ample
>> martini's and later adjoining to a pub for games? Less boring
>> perhaps.

We've had a few alternative-format meetings.  Some involving multiple 
speakers and yes, sometimes liquor.  Many talks are still rather 
lengthy (well, ~90min) and esoteric, such as wxPerl, smalltalk, the 
guts of parrot, etc.

We have a tech meet every month followed by social time.  That means I 
have to find speakers for every month, which is not always doable, but 
I hand out prizes, (I think the word about that got out :-D and thus 
speaking at our meeting has become a more popular activity.)

Some members have mentioned having a secondary social-only meeting, but 
nothing has gotten organized around that.  I suspect it is the lack of 
fun prizes.

>More or less.  It was made easier by the fact that Portland is
> slightly smaller than London (*cough*) and that makes it easy to
> travel from the geek to alcoholic venues.

Well, we only use one geek venue and it happens to be 3 blocks from a 

You can't whack a chisel without a big wooden mallet.

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