OT: Goth/Industrial/EBM

Ovid publiustemp-londonpm at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 17:01:47 BST 2007

Let's see how off-topic I can get.  I wouldn't bug this list, but it's
been driving me frickin' nuts!

Where can I buy goth/industrial/ebm and related genres of music? (Can
we skip the whole "download 'em" debate?)  I'm talkin' music like VNV
Nation, Covenant, Pigface, Stromkern, Electric Hellfire Club, etc. 
I've not hit a single shop which carries any of this :(

I'll owe someone a pint or two at the next social I can be bothered to
drag my sorry @$$ to (does mention of 'beer' automatically make this on



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