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>>>>> "NC" == Nicholas Clark <nick at> writes:

  NC> Yes, which is why I'd like to cut the middleman out. Eliminate pimps.
  NC> [or cull them drastically. Usually they serve no-one but themselves]
  NC> But no-one is helping.

in every business there are middlemen. sometimes you can cut them out
and other times they provide a valuable service. it is all up to the
consumer and vendor whether middlemen prosper or not. most consumers
don't have the skills or finanacial pockets to buy directly from
manufacturers so they buy from retail stores. the same is true with
pimping. having been on all three sides now (hiring, seeking, pimping) i
see what is wanted and what is provided. i have found candidates who
were not even officially looking and matched them well. an in house hr
turd couldn't do that in a million years (nor could almost any regular
pimp since they don't know perl hackers directly). so i provided a
valuable service to this client and they were glad to pay me for that. 

yes, most pimps are buzzword matching vaders who don't give a shit. i
have known too many. my favortite story is that i once worked at a place
that made some of their own ASIC chips. i did a couple of simple perl
programs to do a little munging of verilog files (login language for
chips). i don't know verilog directly but it was easy enough to do the
munging required. i noted on my public resume that i munged verilog
files. i was bombarded with leads to be a logic verifier/tester for
verilog, a skill i don't have nor want to learn. i had to remove the
term verilog to stop that from happening.

as i have said, i am not the average pimp, i am THE PERL HUNTER! :)



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