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Fri May 4 23:06:04 BST 2007

>>>>> "JS" == Jonathan Stowe <jns at> writes:

  JS> On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 19:17 +0100, Andy Armstrong wrote:
  >> On 4 May 2007, at 18:50, Uri Guttman wrote:
  >> >   AA> Apart from Stonehenge is anyone doing the "l33t gang of Perl  
  >> > d00dz"
  >> >   AA> business model? You know - a loose compact of Perl powered  
  >> > superheros?
  >> It's clearly a crazy plan but I don't mind hearing from fellow crazy  
  >> people...

  JS> Well I'll be having a little bit of spare time towards the middle of the
  JS> year and I'd be quite interested in putting on a natty costume and
  JS> playing a Billing System Superhero if anyone needs one :-)

it would be just like the superheroes skit on whose line is it
anyway. one of us would start and be given a perl problem and a super
perl power or name. then others would join in and be given their
perl power/name from the previous superhero.

so i will take on the name/superpower of "code review nazi"!

JS can be boring account boy. :)


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