/ BBC Backstage Perl Teach-In Day

Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at
Tue May 8 09:58:26 BST 2007

'less than 48 days' is not very impressive! now, 'less than 48 hours' 
might be more accurate?


Dave Cross wrote:
> Dave Cross wrote:
>> The London Perl Mongers, together with BBC Backstage have organised a 
>> one-day Perl Teach-In day to be held at the BBC Broadcast Centre on 
>> Saturday 2nd June.
>> You can get more details (and can sign up) at 
>> I'll be running the training, so I'll be happy to answer any 
>> questions, but note that this is _not_ a course for beginners. You'll 
>> need to already understand things like references and writing modules 
>> in order for the course to be worthwhile.
> Sold out. All places reserved in less than 48 days.
> Perl is dead apparently :-)
> Dave...

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