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Nic Gibson nicg at
Tue May 8 10:17:18 BST 2007

On May 8, 2007, at 09:33, Dave Cross wrote:

> Dave Cross wrote:
>> The London Perl Mongers, together with BBC Backstage have  
>> organised a one-day Perl Teach-In day to be held at the BBC  
>> Broadcast Centre on Saturday 2nd June.
>> You can get more details (and can sign up) at 
>> teach-in/.
>> I'll be running the training, so I'll be happy to answer any  
>> questions, but note that this is _not_ a course for beginners.  
>> You'll need to already understand things like references and  
>> writing modules in order for the course to be worthwhile.
> Sold out. All places reserved in less than 48 days.

It's interesting that Learning Tree don't have any real demand for  
their advanced perl course
  to the extent that it has been pulled  from the public schedule  
(you can get it as a company onsite only).

> Perl is dead apparently :-)

Lively corpse


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