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Tue May 8 11:57:16 BST 2007

Paul Makepeace writes:

> On 5/7/07, David Cantrell <david at> wrote:
> > On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 11:48:04PM +0100, Paul Makepeace wrote:
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> > > On 5/6/07, David Cantrell <david at> wrote:
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> > > > ... almost all the "perks" that I've been offered at all kinds
> > > > of places have been worth nothing TO ME.
> > > 
> > > Unlimited (free) bacon sarnies?
> > 
> > That doesn't show much regard for employees' waistlines :-)
> I'll say one thing though on the food is that in my experience there's
> a raft of non-financial equivalent benefits to ..not having to carry
> loose change to pay for food, ..not have to have that continuous
> background assessment "do I really want to spend 3.75 for $portion"
> ..not have to queue to pay (sweeet!) ..having decent food always
> available ..not having to run to Benjy's/McD's/$local_shop (and
> select, queue, pay). These little hassles and small-time cognitive
> burdens are really great not to have any longer. And of course having
> restaurant--not canteen--quality food is nice.

Makes sense.

At Pipex Hosting we have a (large) fridge people can put stuff in.  That
on its own isn't much of a perk and doesn't sound worth mentioning.

But I was very impressed with its coming into existence.

Currently we're tenants of a Regus building.  Last Thursday at 09:30 we
got an e-mail from Regus telling us among other things that the fridges
in the kitchen areas are not to be used for anything other than the
Regus-provided milk (and that their milk is only for tea and coffee, not
for cereal).

At 15:00 that same day a fridge (a much bigger one) was installed in our
office!  Our office administrator had realized that Regus's fridge
clampdown mail would have needlessly irritated staff, so moved as
quickly as possible to remedy the situation and quell the grumbling
before it become a big issue.

As I said, having a fridge isn't a big deal.  But having infrastructure
which notices things like this and just sorts them out -- without any of
us having to raise the issue with management, or get it discussed by a
committee, or whatever -- that was pleasant.


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