Andrew Beattie andrew at
Wed May 9 19:24:42 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I'm 43 and considering doing one. But I'd be motivated primarily by 
> curiosity; nobody has /ever/ asked me for qualifications, quite 
> possibly because I've never applied for a job in the normal sense.
I'm 42.  And I have never noticed that my lack of a degree has made a 
blind bit of difference to the progress of my career.

But it did matter when I looked into the idea of moving to New Zealand 
and getting NZ citizenship.  With a degree, it would have been a 
breeze.  Without, it is [1] close to impossible.


[1] Or rather, it was.  The process is mechanical.  You get different 
points for different things, such as turning up with cash or being 
young.  Every now and again, they change immigration policy, so they 
change the formula.

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