Adrian Howard adrianh at
Thu May 10 11:58:59 BST 2007

On 10 May 2007, at 11:36, Peter Corlett wrote:

> On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 11:22:10AM +0100, Adrian Howard wrote:
> [...]
>> I've found that you can't make an interview question too simple  
>> for some
>> folk not to foul it up :-)
> At a recent interview, I was asked a "hard" question about linked  
> lists
> which was so simple I was trying to work out where they were trying  
> to trip
> me up.
> Apparently some of the interviewees for a programming job hadn't  
> even heard
> of linked lists. Presumably that meant quite a few CVs in the bin :)

We have an one coding interview question that basically boils down to  
reading some files and printing them out. It's still enough to  
separate the competent from the not. For example somebody answered my  
questioning of one line of their program (and it was a nice question  
with a pointer to what the right answer was) with "I don't know. I  
copied it off the web".



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