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Thu May 10 14:57:48 BST 2007

On 10/05/07, Adrian Howard <adrianh at> wrote:
> On 9 May 2007, at 15:41, Nigel Rantor wrote:
> [snip]
> > So, we tag team interviews, one of my colleagues questions is
> > basically a stack vs heap questino to figure out if they understand
> > where stuff goes.
> >
> > I thought this was far too simple...until we found a few people who
> > just looked confused or got it plain wrong.
> I've found that you can't make an interview question too simple for
> some folk not to foul it up :-)

I've fouled up questions that were too simple - instead of just giving
a simple answer I ended up tying myself up in knots over what I was

I'm surprised people are still using the local vs my interview
question, it's trivial to parrot the perfect answer cribbed from the
camel book, and one of those thing's you tend to use without having to
think about much if you're coding a lot.


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