Alex Knowles teamster_jr at
Thu May 10 17:22:37 BST 2007

>> My stock bit of code for that purpose is a POE-based tool, partly to see if 
>> the interviewer's brain dribbles out of their ears.
> The one time I was asked to bring code samples to an interview (and it was an 
> organisation that is currently close to your heart) I took along 
> Symbol::Approx::Sub[1]. It was a risky approach, but it seemed to work. I 
> think I took something sane along too - but I can't remember what.

similarly (in fact i think for the same gang) i took in this:

which since it is just a tidied up version of an obfu might not have been the 
most sensible thing to take in.

(i did also take something sensible)


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