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Eduard Giménez wrote:
>> Why would a Perl programmer be familiar with the concepts of 
>> 'stack' and 'heap'? You could come up with some slightly-off 
>> analogy involving scope, but stil...
> A) Because they are two *basic* data structures.
> B) Because a programmer should understand how the machine works underneath
> all the abstraction layers.
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I'm sure that I wouldn't want to put too much store in how that question 
was answered. Just imagine the following line "Geeze. Did you hear that 
guy. Doesn't know what the heap was used for. All those web development 
skills and he doesn't know what a heap is used for. Looser". How would 
you feel if you were turned down for a Perl job because you didn't know 
what a Java pure virtual constructor was (should such a thing exist). 
Such questions would seem to be a poor indicator of the applicants 
ability and would probably result in employing clones of yourself - very 

However I would say to be wary of programmers who have only have 
exposure to one language (especially if they have many years of 
experience) or who trash talk other languages.

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