Jesse Vincent jesse at
Sat May 12 03:01:02 BST 2007

On May 11, 2007, at 9:49 PM, Matt S Trout wrote:

> You should get yourself a copy of TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 2 and  
> look at
> how the old BSD stack used structs to provide N sets of functions  
> pointers
> to implement the interface per network device type. Bar the lack of  
> mutability
> of the keys it's not vastly unlike a package symbol table, at least  
> in terms
> of -conceptualisation- of OO.
> The syntax isn't beautiful, but nor's Foo::Bar::Baz::quux 
> ($FooBarBaz, @args)
> - which realistically perl's method dispatch boils down to eventually.

Comparing something's syntax to something else's 'boiled down' form  
is hardly fair.

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