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On May 13, 2007, at 11:32 AM, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> On 12/05/07, muppet <scott at> wrote:
>> <plug intensity="shameless">But why did you do it in C when we have
>> Gtk2 in perl?</plug>
> Because the C is documented, and even has a handy Book. Last time I
> looked most the  Perl GTK docs referred you to the C docs.

That's mostly because of the desire not to duplicate the  
documentation effort.  I'd considered once writing something to  
scrape the docs from the C sources and munge them into perldoc in an  
automated fashion; however, it would either require somebody  
remembering to do it, or require the end user to have a copy of gtk 
+'s C source on hand, both of which are doomed to failure.

Bleh, when i started with the old gtk-perl, i was over a year into it  
before i discovered that docs existed for the perl binding.

> Doing it in C first made doing it with Perl much easier though.

I actually use the Gtk2-Perl manpages for developing with gtk+ in any  
language, because they are very handy.  But then, i already have some  
clue what the functions do, and only need a reminder of their  
signatures.  That's also what makes me a poor choice for the  
documentation writer -- my sense of obviousness is skewed.

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