the hatter at
Tue May 15 15:07:08 BST 2007

A varied range of stuff to suit any geeky household that's not already
packed to the rafters:

KVM switch, 2-channel, HD-DB15, DIN 5, DB9 (SVGA, AT keyboard,
  serial mouse)
KV switch, 2-channel, HD-DB15, PS/2
PIII-600MHZ, slot type
Adaptec AHA2940UW pci scsi card, external 50 pin HD, internal 50 pin HD
  and IDC
Adaptec AHA 2940AU pci scsi card, 50 pin IDC internal, 50 pin HD external
IDE disk caddy and bay, fits 5.25" bay, cheap and plasticy
SCSI disk caddy bay, fits 5.25" bay, shiny, LCD panel, caddy takes SCA
  disks, HD68 connector, temp and fan monitor, second disk caddy
Intel/shiva VPN endpoint, 1U, includes 168bit 3DES daughterboard
ScanMate Cardmate 5000, usb, mono business card scanner
Dell laptop PSU, PA-6 family, P/N 9364U (squareish connector with 3 pins,
  for most dell latitudes)
3Com 3C905C-TX-M network cards (got a pair of these) my favourite 10/100
ELAN ISA NIC with RJ45 and BNC connectors
External SCSI disk enclosure, HD50 pin in/out, SCSI ID selector
Creative AWE64 ISA soundcard
Riptide modem and sound card, PCI, modem/speaker/joystick on-board, line
  in/out and mic on riser
2-button serial mouse

In the not-quite-free category are:

2x DDS3 drives and tapes
Antares sun 64-bit PCI 2-channel LVD/HVD scsi card
Sun Mach64 gfx card (13W3)
Sun extreme3d (I think) sbus card, 13W3 + 3.5mm for stereo sync

In the very much not-free, if anyone is after a sunfire v440, dual CPU, do
mail me.

Replies OFF LIST.  Everything worked last it was used, Any of the free
stuff not claimed is heading binwards.

the hatter

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