Can't find SVN::Core?

Andrew Black andrew-li at
Wed May 23 20:14:29 BST 2007

Matt S Trout wrote:

> I'm quite in favour of it not being on CPAN - PerlMagick -is- on CPAN but
> the version on CPAN is fundamentally useless and you have to build the one
> out your ImageMagick tarball anyway. At least with svn this fact is clear.

I would agree that it is best to have one version that is know to be 
useful (and works with your version of svn, ImageMagick or whatever).

But people do expect to find modules on CPAN.  Is there any way the CPAN 
  could provide a pointer to say go to wherever to find the module. Not 
being a CPAN expert no idea how sensible or feasible this is.


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