Can't find SVN::Core?

Jos I. Boumans kane at
Wed May 23 22:16:50 BST 2007

On May 23, 2007, at 9:14 PM, Andrew Black wrote:
>> I'm quite in favour of it not being on CPAN - PerlMagick -is- on  
>> CPAN but
>> the version on CPAN is fundamentally useless and you have to build  
>> the one
>> out your ImageMagick tarball anyway. At least with svn this fact  
>> is clear.
> I would agree that it is best to have one version that is know to  
> be useful (and works with your version of svn, ImageMagick or  
> whatever).
> But people do expect to find modules on CPAN.  Is there any way the  
> CPAN  could provide a pointer to say go to wherever to find the  
> module. Not being a CPAN expert no idea how sensible or feasible  
> this is.

This actually occurs more often then you'd think. CPANPLUS has  
explicit support for this:

CPAN Terminal> t SVN::Core

Testing SVN::Core (0)
[ERROR] SVN::Core is a known third-party module.

As it isn't available on the CPAN, CPANPLUS can't install it  
automatically. Therefore you need to install it manually before  

SVN::Core is part of Subversion, published by Subversion, and should  
be available for download at the following address:

*** Install log written to:

Error testing 'SVN::Core'
Problem testing one or more modules

CPAN Terminal> l SVN::Core

Details for 'SVN::Core'
Author                         Subversion (http://
Development Stage              Unknown
Interface Style                Unknown
Language Used                  Unknown
Package                        SVN::Core
Support Level                  Unknown
Version on CPAN                0

For the record, we use Module::ThirdParty for this...


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