Have MSFT eaten Parrot's lunch?

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Wed May 23 22:33:32 BST 2007

chromatic wrote:

> I ass-u-me-d that you might like to distribute your software outside of London 

My employer doesn't seem to want to.

And feel free to download my software in Stupidville if you want, and 
people may accuse me of breaking Stupidville's stupid laws.  I will care 
exactly --><-- that much.

Of course, this subthread came out of paranoia about forking 
Stupidville-patent-encumbered Microsoft code.  Which is a non-issue 
because I am sufficiently aware of just how crap Microsoft's code is, 
and so wouldn't let it infect my stuff in the first place.

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