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Thu May 31 12:24:12 BST 2007

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> Yeah, it's Robin's rack. What's the story there? Is he shutting it
> off? He's not communicated that to me, altho he mentioned it ages ago
> but then didn't seem to do anything with it.

My understanding is that it is being switched off quite soon (as in
sometime in the next month) so the 50 quid a month deal might not be
available for much longer. In fact you might need someone to physically
retrieve the box from Docklands... (I can probably do it if you like). I
dont know who else uses his rack. Someone reading this may know more.

I'll dig out Robin's current email address - his old one got too much spam.

> Are there any places cheaper than Bytemark without compromising too
> much on quality? They pissed me off recently shutting my VM off after
> a credit card was declined but only notified me once.

I dont think Bytemark are alone in that failing.


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