Browsing log files?

Andy Armstrong andy at
Fri Jun 1 11:13:10 BST 2007

I suspect I'm living in the dark ages: I still use less to browse log  

Dead server this morning. As I was poking through the log files it  
occurred to me that there must be a log specific less-like prog. I'd  
like to be able to

* search by time
* view slices of multiple log files for the same time - possibly  

I know I can search /for/ a time - but in a sparse log file the time  
I'm interested in might not correspond with a log entry.

I fantasise about

$ logless -t 04:50 /var/log/*

and having it jump to 04:50 today and show me a unified view of all  
the logs around that time.

Must exist, right?

Andy Armstrong,

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