Browsing log files?

David Precious davidp at
Fri Jun 1 14:15:54 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I suspect I'm living in the dark ages: I still use less to browse log  
> files.
> I fantasise about
> $ logless -t 04:50 /var/log/*
> and having it jump to 04:50 today and show me a unified view of all  
> the logs around that time.
> Must exist, right?

Have a look at multitail [0].

It might not suit your requirements precisely, but it allows you to tail
seperate logfiles in different "windows" within a terminal (like using
screen to create seperate regions and doing a regular tail in each) and
also supports filtering, colour highlighting, and logfile merging.

And, as a bonus, it has a much nicer website than that "Splunk" thing
(and is much, much less overkill!).



Dave P

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