Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at
Mon Jun 4 11:16:52 BST 2007

Add me. Although I work in London (at the moment) I live in Bracknell, 
Berkshire so would be interested in a and may even be more 
able to attend evening meetings than I can in London. :)


Raf wrote:
> I was at this teach-in over the weekend and felt extremely inspired by 
> the feel of being surrounded by like minded-peers and others facing 
> the same problems and issues.  I felt inspired by the possibility of 
> learning from the experience of others.  I felt inspired by those 
> giving back.  I'd quite like to be able to give back.  So, I asked 
> someone if there was an, and was told that it had fallen apart.
> So, since I'm Reading based and was in the process of arranging 
> internal lunch time tech-talks in our MWB building; though non-perl 
> specific.  Our centre manager has been very supportive, so I just 
> approached him with the notion of holding something similar focussed 
> on perl, but not aimed directly at those within the building.  He 
> seemed to love the idea and would be willing to offer a facilities.
> I've often been on mailing lists but not had the time to stray too far 
> off my usual route and I'm thinking that this might be kind of cool 
> and convenient.  If there are others in the 
> reading/berkshire/oxfordshire area, perhaps we could set up a local 
> reading/ group.  I found this weekend useful and if people 
> are willing to volunteer their expertise and time, I can swing 
> facilities here in Reading.
> So, before the excitement dies.  Not sure how one proceeds with such 
> things, but if there's interest, I can get us a room and we could 
> probably go from there?  I'd also be willing to volunteer my server 
> for a website/mailing lists.  I'm hoping that those with more 
> experience would be able to volunteer content?
> Thanks,
> Raf

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