Fred Youhanaie fly at
Mon Jun 4 16:20:05 BST 2007

Raf wrote:
> ThamesValliers,

My first though was would have been nice and short, then realised 
  that we would be infringing on certain other groups :-() thamesvalley 
is good :-)

> Not so familar with these things, however I had a read of Dave's 
> document on starting up a .pm and have now put in a request for 
> I'll annonce here once the mailing list is up and running.

Well done, mate.

> I figure that once we have a couple of possible talks, this should be 
> sufficient to kick off with.  Please spread the word.  I'm hoping that 
> we might be able to pull off some regular meetings which are beneficial 
> and educational, to all os us backwater, perl folk.

I have just emailed OxLUG, Oxfordshire Linux User Group. So we should 
see how much interest there is in the Oxfordshire area. While typing 
this email, I received a reply from one interested party :-)

I'll be happy to help too.


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