Perl 5.10? was Re: Teach-In Slides

Paul Johnson paul at
Tue Jun 5 13:23:49 BST 2007

On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 12:43:37PM +0100, Steve Mynott wrote:

> At the risk of sounding all whiney and "are we there yet?" ... is there any
> sort of rough ETA for 5.10?  Or help needed for testing or whatever?

5.10 is on the horizon and is currently likely to arrive sooner than was
the case a while ago.  It's being brought into a state of readiness for
release, as opposed to the "throw new features in and see what happens"
state it was in previously.  I'll let Rafael be more specific if he
wants to be.

I suspect that testing would be very welcome, primarily on "exotic"
platforms, with (uncommon) CPAN modules and most importantly with real
code that would cause you to be upset if it didn't work with 5.10.

See perldoc perlhack (Keeping in sync) for details of how to get the
latest release.

Paul Johnson - paul at

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