[JOB] Perl / Database Developer - Financial Sector

ben@bpfh.net ben at bpfh.net
Wed Jun 6 11:22:59 BST 2007

People frequently ask "How do I get into perl in the financial industry"?

Well, here's one way. This is a job for a Perl/Database developer. Preferred
DB is Sybase, but they might well consider someone who had decent skills
in another DB.

The team that are hiring are really nice - I have several friends over 
there and the environment is top-notch. They are prepared to consider a
range of seniorities - from fairly junior to quite senior. As always,
attitude is far more important than almost anything else.

Let me know if you're interested and/or send me a CV.



Seeking an experienced software engineer to participate in the continued 
expansion of the securities master database infrastructure to support 
the broader needs of the enterprise. 

This infrastructure is responsible for consuming real-time updates from 
upstream, internal data providers and aggregating and transforming 
the content into a single representation of the security based on a 
series of processing decisions about which provider is the "best" 
source. The data content provided by this team is currently used to 
support various middle and back office functions but will be 
expanding to cover a much wider client base.

Responsibilities for this position will run the gamut of design, 
development, and testing of new infrastructure components to patches/bug 
fixes for existing software. The split will be heavily weighted to 
development of new infrastructure to meet our demand for expansion. 

Responsibilities also include:
 - Ability to work effectively with users, vendors and technical teams 
both locally and remotely
 - Candidate must be self-motivated, enthusiastic and interested in 
market data.
 - Candidate should have experience in the development of applications 
in financial industry.
 - Ability to juggle tasks while keeping an eye on strategic goals
 - Must be able to participate in technical discussions within the 
development team, communicating any issues that have a project-wide 
scope to the necessary level
 - Must be able to participate in a culture of knowledge sharing within 
the development team.
 - Should have a good appreciation of the software quality lifecycle, 
with emphasis on the importance of the testing stages.

Skills Required: 
    - Sybase (5+ years)
    - Perl (3+ years)
    - Application design (5+ years)
    - Working knowledge of financial industry (3+ years)

Desirable Skills:
    - MQ
    - Data modelling

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