the great pyramid of agile

Pete Sergeant pete at
Wed Jun 6 12:12:07 BST 2007

On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 11:32:54AM +0100, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:

This is taking its time to load, so I'm going to be Slashdot and comment
anyway, without having read the article.

The greatest thing about Agile is the following phrase:

"What would you like me to descope in order to implement your last
minute changes?"

Typically the message that "We Will Use Agile Development Here" has
originated higher up the chain than the person who needs the work Done
Right Now. And scope is the only Agile Factor you can manipulate in the
short term.

If they do get other work descoped, you then have a lovely audit trail
of why something wasn't done, and hence why there is Absolutely No
Requirement to work overtime on your part.

I have come to love Agile for the protection it offers you, as a
developer, against unreasonable technical and non-technical
work-assigning resources.


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