removing a file with hyphens

Smylers Smylers at
Thu Jun 7 14:34:05 BST 2007

Jonathan Stowe writes:

> > > #  find . -name '*Original' -exec rm {} \;
> Yeah, could have at least used the '-delete' action of 'find' to save
> the potential deaths of thousands of angels/fairies/kittens/(whatever it
> is that dies when you fork).

While other find implementations have had -delete for some time, GNU
findutils only got that fairly recently, so it can't be relied upon to

(It was added in findutils 4.2.3, released late in 2004.  But given that
most people don't install find separately, you've got to allow time for
Linux distributions to update their package (which in Debian's case was
2005 July, thereby missing the Sarge release in June that year) and then
make a new OS release (which in Debian's case was April this year) --
and then for users to upgrade to that release.)


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