removing a file with hyphens

Aaron Crane perl at
Thu Jun 7 15:59:18 BST 2007

Smylers writes:
> David Cantrell writes:
> > Additionally, -delete seems to be a GNUism.
> I encountered it on FreeBSD before it was added to GNU, but it may have
> been somewhere else first.  So where _did_ it come from then?

As near as I can make out from, it first
appeared in FreeBSD 2.2, in March 1997.  As you pointed out, GNU findutils
reimplemented it in late 2004.  Mac OS X and DragonFlyBSD were derived from
later versions of FreeBSD, so it's available in those, too.  None of the
other Unixes seem to have picked it up, including the other BSDs.

Aaron Crane

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