june meeting

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Sat Jun 9 23:27:52 BST 2007

First of all, could I say thanks to the people who organized this  
month's venue
(most likely muttley and adam), thanks. It's been one of the most fun  
I've been to in ages and I had a great time. It was probably some  
of the venue, the beer and the people - so thanks as well to the  
people that
turned up.

In related news I've uploaded the edited selection of pictures I took  
that night
to Flickr. So for those of you who do not suckle at the tit of Flickr  
and hence have already seen these, you may be interested in ....


Feel free to comment/tag[1]/note any of the pics or indeed apply any  
web2.0 feature
that they have added in the few seconds it took me to hit send.


[1] Now we live in world2.0 we should probably agree some sort of  
standard london.pm
     meeting tag format - but i fear how insane this will get.

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