capturing bash history

Aaron Crane perl at
Wed Jun 13 08:41:40 BST 2007

the hatter writes:
> On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, Nigel Hamilton wrote:
> > I'd like to keep a history of all shell commands across all the xterms
> > I'm using but the ~/.bash_history only holds history from one terminal.
> Isn't bash 3 supposed to do that properly out of the box ?

Not according to its manual or its NEWS file.  If you have a reference, I'm
definitely interested.

> IIRC correctly, it also does something timestampy with the logs, so you
> could likely merge them if you rsunc them or similar.

The timestampy thing is enabled by the HISTTIMEFORMAT variable.  That does
sound like it would help with merging.

Aaron Crane

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