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Simon Burr simes at
Thu Jun 14 20:44:49 BST 2007

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 09:04:12AM +0200, Luis Motta Campos wrote:
>  Curious... I never thought that I would see bank-inhabiting Perl  
>Mongers... they seem to me so... disconnected(*).
>(*) Banks, AFAIK, doesn't allow techies to access the internet, and  
>keep using pre-historic tools and techniques as a form of keeping  
>things "stable" and "safe". Of course, this is my limited point of  
>view, not any kind of truth.

Not these days; internet usage is certainly logged and you'll have to
go via proxy servers, but you'll have access still. The main thing they'll
jump on is use of forums, web mail, IM, etc - basically anything which can
be used for communication which can't be monitored or logged.

Perl is used quite a bit at the place I work at - it keeps bits of
infrastructure running.

It does depend on the bank however.

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