capturing bash history asmith9983 at
Thu Jun 14 11:28:24 BST 2007

What do folks think of the idea of bash using syslog to record its actions. 
You could create an environment variable  assigned by the user which 
identified the shell with more than the process ID. I'm thinking here with 
Linux, Doze who knows ???   writing to syslog would allow all the features of 
syslog such those mentioned in this thread such as timestamping, and writing 
to a single log across systems.
It may be adding  the above to the existing history logging plus flushing the 
writes immediately is enough and leaves compatibility untouched.


On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, the hatter wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Jun 2007, Nigel Hamilton wrote:
>>          I'd like to keep a history of all shell commands across all the
>> xterms I'm using but the ~/.bash_history only holds history from one
>> terminal.
> Isn't bash 3 supposed to do that properly out of the box ?
>> p.s. it would be great if I could get this to work across multiple
>> machines too --- but I'll settle for one machine to start with
> IIRC correctly, it also does something timestampy with the logs, so you
> could likely merge them if you rsunc them or similar.
> the hatter

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